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DOT Physicals in Albany, NY

$200, cash/credit/debit

Note: We also perform work/school physicals for $200.

After being certified, the driver will leave with a Medical Examiner’s Certificate (MCSA-5876 medical card) and Report (MCSA-5875 long form).

Click REGISTER/CHECK-IN to pick a time slot with a certified medical examiner. Online registration is not needed but encouraged (and will save time on arrival). Visit slots can be scheduled same-day and up to 30 days in advance. Walk-ins are welcome.

When coming in for a DOT physical, bring the following:

  • Driver’s license (an image or temporary card is acceptable)
  • Payment ($200, cash/credit/debit)
  • When applicable, medication list
  • When applicable, paperwork from treating provider (primary/specialist; including CPAP compliance, A1C lab result)

The Medical Examination Report Form (aka “long form”) is completed electronically, using CerteDrive software. Therefore, please don’t bring in the paper form.

Medical Examiner’s Certificate

If certified, the driver will leave with a Medical Examiner’s Certificate (medical card) and long-form. The medical examiner will determine whether the driver is certified or disqualified. If the driver is determined to be medically fit to drive, the medical examiner can certify the driver for a maximum of two years. Drivers who take oral medication for blood pressure and/or diabetes will typically receive a one-year card. Depending on the driver’s health, the medical examiner will determine the card’s expiration date.

DOT Physical Basics

There are a few main parts to the Commercial Driver Medical Examination Report:

  • Driver Information (name, address, date of birth, driver license #, etc)
  • Driver Health History (recent illness/injury, medications, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc)
  • Vision Testing (20/40 or better in each eye, color blindness, peripheral vision)
  • Hearing Testing (adequate hearing in at least one ear)
  • Blood Pressure (140/90 or better)
  • Urine Test (to check for protein, blood, sugar, and specific gravity; not a drug test!)
  • Physical Exam (the driver will get into a gown, wearing only undergarments)

Special Cases (Diabetes, Monocular Vision, Hearing Loss, Seizures, Missing/Impaired Limb)

  • Non-Insulin-Treated (Diabetes): for diabetic drivers not on insulin, bring in recent A1C lab result and the MCSA-5872 non-insulin-treated form (form is optional but helpful), completed by a treating clinician (i.e. primary or endocrinologist)
  • Insulin: for drivers on insulin, bring in recent A1C result and the MCSA-5870 insulin form (mandatory), completed within previous 45 days by a treating clinician (i.e. primary or endocrinologist)
  • Vision: for drivers with only one good eye, bring in the MCSA-5871 vision form, completed within previous 45 days by an ophthalmologist or optometrist
  • Hearing: for drivers with poor hearing in both ears, apply to FMCSA for a hearing exemption
  • Seizures: for drivers with a seizure history, apply to FMCSA for a seizure exemption
  • Missing/Impaired Limb: for drivers with a missing/impaired limb, apply to FMCSA for a Skill Performance Evaluation (SPE) certificate