• Surya Physicals, PC, Bldg C, 21 Everett Rd Ext, Albany, NY 12205
    Hours: Monday, 11-3; Thursday, 8-2; Friday, 8-2; Saturday, 9-12; Ph: (518) 867-8080

    Surya is closed Saturday, 05/25/2024 through Monday, 05/27/2024.
    Online registration recommended.
    Surya has relocated to 21 Everett Rd EXTENSION, West Albany (off exit 5, I-90) next to Sunoco/7-Eleven (opposite American Legion).


Immunization Titers:

  • $50 script/reporting surcharge (waived for physicals)
    • Please note: the surcharge does not cover lab expenses
  • Lab script provided for titers (i.e. Hepatitis B, MMR, Varicella)
  • Blood drawn at off-site facility (i.e. LabCorp)
    • Please note: at off-site facility, the lab testing fees can be covered either through insurance or out-of-pocket
  • Results emailed within 4 business days